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Yamaha Updates It's Inline VMax SHO

Yamaha Updates It's Inline VMax SHO

Posted by Outboard Marine on 5th Apr 2024

Yamaha has unveiled a revamped appearance for its Inline V MAX SHO® models ranging from 90 to 175 horsepower. These updated outboards exhibit a more pronounced glossy black finish, complemented by a refreshed cowling style featuring raised graphics, striping, and prominent Yamaha tuning fork emblems.

David Meeler, Technical Marketing Manager at Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit, highlighted the enduring appeal of Yamaha’s Inline SHO outboards, citing their lightweight power, easy rigging, and compatibility with cable-driven foot pedal acceleration. Whether for bass, bay, or flat boating, users benefit from the V MAX SHO’s exceptional hole shot and impressive fuel efficiency, with customizable ride and performance options catering to diverse boating and fishing preferences. The sleek new design enhances the allure of these outboards even further.

The VF175 and VF150 models are paired with V MAX SHO® propellers, precisely engineered to transmit engine torque for robust acceleration and top speed. Meanwhile, the VF115 and VF90 variants, equipped with Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System (SDS®) props, offer notably reduced noise and shock during gear shifts, promoting stealthy fishing endeavors. Furthermore, V MAX SHO outboards ranging from 90 to 175 horsepower feature Variable Trolling RPM, enabling operators to fine-tune trolling speeds for a discreet fishing experience.

Adding to their convenience, the new VF150 and VF175 Inline SHO outboards now include a tilt stop lever, ideal for maintenance or prolonged storage periods. Combined with their compatibility with Command Link® digital or analog gauges, V MAX SHO outboards facilitate more efficient angling, cruising, and servicing.

These refreshed V MAX SHO models are set to hit the market in the spring of 2024.