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Remanufacturing Process



We start with a good core block, we sand blast, hot tank, then proceed to machine the block.  We use all OEM parts in our remanufacture process besides pistons due to block being machined to a larger bore and needing pistons to match the bore (Yamaha only sells standard size pistons which are inadequate once the cylinders are machined to a new finish).  OEM Crank and rods are finished back to factory spec and new OEM bearings are used to assemble.  Cylinder heads are disassembled and redone back to factory spec using only OEM parts.  Engine is painted to factory color.



The lower unit goes through the same process and once again everything is done using OEM parts.  We finish by having the case professionally painted to factory color.  Again all gaskets, bearings, gears are all OEM.  

Remanufactured Outboards.

Both the powerhead and the gearcase is remanufactured to the above standard.  The mid section and hood are also painted factory colors and new decals are applied.

Certified Preowned Outboards.

Only a handful of Outboards will become Certified PreOwned.  Majority of the outboards we receive will need to go through the remanufacturing process in order to meet our standards for resale.  Lower hour and great condition Outboards become Certified Preowned after they have been serviced.  Our CPOs have a full service which includes but is not limited to, fluids changed, new impeller kit, and plugs.  We scan each motor to ensure its operating as specified by the manufacturer and there are no codes.