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Remanufactured Outboards

All of our meticulously reconditioned remanufactured units undergo a comprehensive refurbishment process, utilizing exclusively original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Each unit is treated to a new OEM paint job, accompanied by fresh OEM decal sets for a pristine appearance.

The powerhead undergoes a thorough in-house rebuilding and machining process, complemented by a new OEM-style paint application. The mid-section is meticulously inspected, washed, and serviced as necessary. Finally, the lower unit undergoes a complete disassembly, with gears and bearings meticulously cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt, employing only OEM parts before being resealed.

Our remanufactured complete outboard units are accompanied by a limited 1-year warranty, demonstrating our commitment to their quality and durability. Additionally, they are sold without rigging or a propeller, providing our customers with the flexibility to tailor the unit to their specific needs.

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