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Mercury's Game-Changer: Joystick Steering for Single-Engine Vessels

Mercury's Game-Changer: Joystick Steering for Single-Engine Vessels

Posted by Outboard Marine on 28th Feb 2024

Mercury Marine has once again raised the bar in the boating world with the introduction
of Joystick Steering for Single-Engine Vessels. This innovative feature is set to
transform the boating experience, offering unparalleled control and maneuverability for
owners of single-engine vessels.

Exclusive to the Mercury Verado family of V8, V10, and V12 outboard engines ranging
from 250 to 600 horsepower, this joystick steering technology brings the precision and
ease of control previously reserved for larger boats to a wider audience. Whether you're
an experienced captain or a newcomer to boating, this user-friendly system simplifies
navigation, particularly in tight spots and crowded marinas.

The joystick integrates seamlessly with Mercury's SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift
(DTS) technology, ensuring a smooth and responsive boating experience. Safety is
prioritized, with the system minimizing the risk of collisions and damage during
maneuvers. Boat enthusiasts can now confidently navigate challenging docking
scenarios, enhancing both safety and overall enjoyment on the water.

Mercury's commitment to innovation shines through in this latest development, catering
to the needs of boat owners who may have hesitated due to concerns about handling
and control. As Joystick Steering for Single-Engine Vessels becomes available, we
anticipate a positive impact on the boating community, making waterway navigation
more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.