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Mercury Introduces All-New 25 and 30hp Outboard Engines

Mercury Introduces All-New 25 and 30hp Outboard Engines

Posted by Outboard Marine on 24th Apr 2024

Boating holds a unique charm in its ability to offer expansive adventures regardless of the size of your vessel or its engine power. Even in compact boats, there's an abundance of opportunities to revel in the liberating experience that water offers.

Mercury Marine embraces this ethos by continually refining and innovating its engines and technologies, ensuring that boaters enjoy superior experiences irrespective of their craft's size. An illustration of this commitment is the introduction of their latest series of 25 and 30hp four-stroke outboard engines.

Launching in July through Mercury Authorized Dealers, this new range comprises 25 and 30hp FourStroke outboards, along with a 25hp SeaPro™ variant tailored for commercial use. Moreover, Mercury unveils the groundbreaking 25hp ProKicker™ outboard, designed to deliver precise trolling control for larger freshwater and saltwater vessels. Notably, electric-start 25 and 30hp models now integrate seamlessly with Mercury SmartCraft® digital technologies, granting access to a suite of intelligent gauges, displays, and connected features.

Jim Hergert, Mercury's senior outboard category manager, emphasizes their customer-centric approach, stating, “At Mercury, our paramount strategy is to heed the voices of boaters, understanding how we can enhance their on-water experiences.” He elaborates, “The addition of SmartCraft compatibility to the new 25 and 30hp outboards marks a significant advancement for many small boat enthusiasts.”

Beyond aesthetic upgrades in line with contemporary Mercury outboard styling, the new engines boast enhancements to the powerhead, gearcase, and cowling, resulting in improved speed, reduced weight, and quieter operation compared to previous iterations. Electronic fuel injection (EFI), including battery-free EFI technology for manual-start models, ensures hassle-free starts and enhanced fuel efficiency. Additionally, several refinements have been incorporated to streamline maintenance for do-it-yourself boaters.

Compact yet brimming with potential, these new outboards are primed for grand adventures on the water.